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The Canadian Dragons is a competitive dragon boat team with quite a few medals under our belt.  Other than competing in Singapore, we also compete in overseas races.

International Races:

6th Korea Open Busan International Dragonboat Festival (Mixed 12 Crew 500m- Bronze, Open 12 Crew 200m- Bronze)




Penang Pesta Dragon Boat Race 2015 (6th Overall Placing, Best Male Hola Dancers)



Sarawak International Dragon Boat Regatta 2014 (International Mixed 12 Crew- Bronze, International Open 20 Crew- Bronze)



35th Penang International Dragon Boat Festival
International Overseas Race (International Mixed 12 Crew- Bronze)
35th Penang 2014 bronz

Local Races:

DBS Marina Bay Regatta 2017 (Singapore Premier Ladies 200m 12 – Minor Final Winner)

(Singapore Premier Open 200m 22 – 10th Place)

Singapore SAVA Sprint 2017 (International Business Community Open 12 – Silver)

Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2016(International Business Community Open 22 – Bronze)


Singapore River Regatta 2015(Open 22- Bronze)

 srr-2015-group  srr-2015-medal

Divas Regatta 2015(Silver)


MR500 2014 (Mixed- Silver)

31th Singapore River Regatta 2013 (Men Open- Gold)

31st SRR 2013 31ST SRR 2013-NOV

30th Singapore River Regatta 2012
(Mixed- Gold)

BOAT QUAY 2012 gold3 30th Singapore River Regatta 2012 gold