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About Us

The Canadian Dragons are a competitive dragon boat team who welcome all new paddlers. Experience is not required, and while physical fitness is a key component of the sport, people of all levels of fitness, age, nationality and interest are welcome to pick up a paddle and join us in the boat.

Not only is our club a great way to stay fit, it is also a gateway to new, lifelong friends and amazing adventures. We participate in events both inside and outside of Singapore’s borders and have organized trips ranging from wakeboarding in Indonesia to climbing to Everest base camp.

Although our club was founded in 1989 by a group of Canadian businessmen, you don’t have to be Canadian to join the team. In typical Canadian fashion, we are a welcoming bunch and have members from the world over. From Australians to Vietnamese,  Russians to Koreans, Estonians to Singaporean all are welcome to grab a paddle, strap on a life vest and have an amazing time with us on the water and a drink or two on the beach after.

With its roots in ancient Chinese legend, dragon boating is a traditional canoe discipline with immense popularity the world over at both the recreational and competitive levels. The Chinese dragon — the classic version of which has the head of an ox, antlers of a deer, mane of a horse, body of a python, claws of a hawk and fins and tail of a fish — decorate the bow and stern of the long, narrow craft. The hull of the vessel is often painted with scales to represent a dragon’s body and the paddles symbolize its claws. The dragon boat is powered by a crew of either 10 or 20 paddlers, helmed by a coxswain and led by a drummer.

Interested? Email us, visit our Facebook page or jump to the Join Us section for important information about where to meet us and what to bring.

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Leadership Team 2018

There are many people that volunteer to make the Canadian Dragons awesome.

Talk to anyone of them to find out how you can help out and get more involved.

Executive Committee

Manager – Grant Bosnick

Treasurer – Victoria Ng

Secretary – Helen Tan

Assistant Manager – Sander Soone

Operations Manager – Foo Yong Yan



Head Captain – Wann Redzwan

Men’s Captain – Ben Tillmann

Women’s Captain – Hazel Lin

Women’s Assistant Captain – Germain Goh



Haikal Abdullah Al Shammari, Benjamin Au, Hailey Tan